The East Palestine Elementary School is fortunate to have a federally funded Title One Program that helps us increase student achievement. Title One is the largest federal aid program for schools. The goal of Title One is to improve the academics of all children so that they may succeed in school. The East Palestine Elementary School provides Title One services to all K-4 students. As a school-wide program, classroom teachers work together to provide instruction and support to all students. Students are assisted in the classroom through individual, small group, and whole group instruction. The advantage of a school-wide program is that it permits us to serve all students.

A Title One Parents Advisory Committee, which includes staff members, parents, and community members has been formed to guide the services offered by our school-wide program. The meetings provide a forum to provide parents with information about how the Title One program supports students at East Palestine Elementary School. The meetings will increase communication between parents and staff. Parents may have the opportunity to be involved in evaluating the effectiveness of the Title One program, and discuss ways we can better meet the needs of the students. These meetings are held in conjunction with the District Leadership Team meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title One?

Title One is a federally funded program for schools to assist economically disadvantaged children. Since a high incidence of poverty in a school has a direct correlation with low academic student achievement, Title One funds are used to provide instruction to raise the achievement of students who are failing, or are at-risk of failing to meet the challenging state standards. Title One funded personnel are personnel who directly contribute to the education of children.

What is the purpose of the Title One Program?

The purpose of Title One is to support school efforts to ensure that all children meet challenging academic standards and have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. This purpose can be accomplished by providing additional resources for high poverty schools to enhance educational opportunities for disadvantaged students.

What does Title One money do for the East Palestine Elementary School?

Title One money is used for a school-wide program. In a school-wide program, Title One money is used to benefit all of the children in a school. Title One funds pay for the services of the elementary all-day, every-day kindergarten program, and for an additional second and third grade classroom teacher to reduce class size.

How is a child eligible for Title One services?

All children attending the East Palestine Elementary School are eligible to receive services from Title One. Thus, in a school-wide program, all students are Title One students and all teachers are Title One teachers.

How might Title One help my child?

Your child receives a quality education by attending the East Palestine Elementary School. Your child may receive additional assistance in reading or math from a volunteer. Your child may attend summer school and the after school program. The elementary school offers library services, and computer instruction for all students. Kindergarten students attend a full day of school every day. All students benefit from the positive behavior support plan that has been implemented in the elementary school.

How is a school eligible to receive Title One money?

The federal government measures a school’s poverty level by the number of students receiving free or reduced lunch. In the East Palestine City School District, the elementary school has over 50% of the students on free or reduced lunch.

Where can I get more information on Title One?

Please check "Federal Programs" as a Quick Link on the East Palestine City School District web site at  www.myepschools.org.

Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the Title One Program can be directed to Carol Vollnogle at (330) 426-9451.