Students & Parents,

      One of the more important aspects of the high school experience for students is the class scheduling process. On Monday, March 8, students will be provided with helpful information and documents relative to the scheduling process for the 2021-22 school year. Additional hard copies of these course scheduling documents will also be made available within the high school and guidance offices.

      Please keep in mind, enrollment for classes is not determined on a “first come, first serve” basis but rather by weighing the graduation needs of each student. It is rare that a class is filled and/or closed for students. It is more likely that some classes simply do not fit within the individual student’s schedule due to other class needs or wants. Therefore, please be thorough and intentional as you select your classes. If you should have any questions about this process, please contact Mr. Rook (james.rook@myepschools.org), Mr. Cyrus (rich.cyrus@myepschools.org), or Mrs. Sherry (Elizabeth.sherry@myepschools.org). We are here to support you during this process.

      Current students in Grades 8-11 should follow the steps found below to begin selecting their classes for 2021-22.

      Step 1: Read and then review the complete East Palestine High School Course Registration Guide (2021-22). This guide includes a description of all the courses available to high school students and outlines course and graduation requirements, academic distinctions and honors, and other important information.

      Step 2: On the Course Registration Guide Worksheet (2021-22), complete the information at the top, which includes your name, grade, etc. Then, select those courses in which you would like to enroll for next school year by following the directions in the header for each subject. This can be done by placing a check mark within the box if you are completing the worksheet in hard copy format.

      Step 3: Double check your work. On the Course Registration Guide Worksheet (2021-22), students should have selected a minimum of 6 course credits. Credit information for each course can be found next to the course name. Students participating in the College Credit Plus program or attending the career center will have less than 6 course credits. Be sure to add up your total course credits and place this total on the top of your Course Registration Guide Worksheet (2021-22) in the space provided.

      Step 4: Students should review their class selections with their parents and have them sign their name on the top of the Course Registration Guide Worksheet (2021-22).

      Step 5: Submit your completed Course Registration Guide Worksheet (2020-21) to the high school office. Course Registration Guide Worksheets (2021-22) are due by Monday, March 29

      Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation during this process,

      Mr. Rook, Principal

      East Palestine Schools